The Thermostatic series thermostatic steam traps and air eliminators are specifically designed for use on process equipment such as kettle cookers, sterilizers, food, chemical and laundry equipment. Their small size makes them ideal for use with a wide variety of this equipment and especially as air eliminator.


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Multitech International has provided multidiscipline engineering services in Industrial and Commercial segment. Our company vision is to provide upgraded technical services in water and waste water segment. We have incorporated in 2013 with some world-renowned principals in pumps, values and flow controlling equipment. We have regular sales and service team in Dhaka and Chittagong division which are most developed cities for industrial and commercial market in Bangladesh. Multitech Engineering believes that ultimate success of any engineering works hinges primarily on the quality of people involved. We have therefore made recruiting and retaining talented personal a corporate priority. Our group of dedicated personal is second to none.

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